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What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract is when a binding, legal contract was made and then broken. A contract can be made for just about anything, and will typically involve two parties. Contracts are very common, and you interact with them everyday. For example, user agreements are a constant part of our lives and we typically click “I Agree” without thinking twice.

However, user agreements are contracts made between the publisher of the software and the user. Typically, the publisher will require that the user use the software legally and the user must agree that the publisher has a right to their information.

Violating the agreement by modifying the software and using it for illegal purposes will mean the publisher has a right to stop you from using your software and/or suing for damages.

What Happens if a Contract is Broken?

Most contracts include a provision on what to do if a contract is broken. Both parties must agree to follow the contract, which includes what to do if it is breached. It will often include mandatory arbitration, who will pay the legal fees, etc.

If the contract doesn’t include any information about what to do in the event of a breach, then the next step is to typically notify the other person that there is a breach. If you committed the breach, then you owe the other person, in good faith, to let them know. If the other person committed the breach then you need to let them know that you are aware of it.

From there, the parties can decide if they want to try to complete the contract as agreed or they want to return to the original position before they made the agreement. If they cannot agree on what to do, then the next course of action is to hire a business lawyer to represent you.

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Life in St. Helens

Captain H.M. Knighton of New England founded Plymouth in 1845. In 1850, its name was changed into St. Helens and eventually became a city after nine years. It is the seat of Oregon’s Columbia County and lies approximately 39 miles away from Washington.

The city celebrates an annual month-long fun-filled festival in October where spooky decorations and events at the famous Halloweentown. Here, families gather to experience Halloween spirit and the action doesn’t just stop there. Visitors, and even new residents, can learn about St. Helens’ history or choose to stay go to area parks.

Famous people native to St. Helens, OR are actors Robert Cornthwaite and Katee Sackhoff, baseball luminaries like Chris Wakeland and Rob Mallicoat, and Carolina Panthers’ David Mayo.

Lifestyle in St. Helens is more than active and equally appealing to both residents and visitors. What makes the place unique is its location as it is where four rivers meet. There are several parks that can amaze the old and new generation. Activities may be indoors or outdoors, thus, this diverse city attracts both types of activity-inclined people.

Paddle your way through Blind Slough or sample delectable dishes at Dockside Steak & Pasta or dine at the iconic The Klondike at the vintage St. Helens Hotel. You can also visit Yo’ Old Grog Distillery to taste handcrafted spirits. Head up towards historic Columbia River to explore the antique shop lined district for good bargains.

You can include a forest theme park tour in your itinerary or go sightseeing while on board the Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler. Opting to go shopping can definitely drive you wild as 2Cs offers a bevy of vendors at Olde Towne.

Most recently, St. Helens, Oregon has a total of 94.3 percent employment rate, 26.3 percent of which belong to management, science, business and arts. The city’s industries include manufacturing, professional services, retail trade, and scientific among others but a huge part of it falls under the categories of health care, social assistance and education.

Top employers of the city include Armstrong World Industries, Boise Cascade LLC, WalMart, and Safeway with over 100 hires. Letica Corporation and eldercare Avamere also have both more than 50 employees while the city’s local government leads the pack with almost 1,900 workers.

While manufacturing tops the industry in workforce, the legal industry in this part of Oregon is also quite active. Law firms and offices are thriving businesses and you can hire one of the best from a long roster of attorneys for legal reasons.

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