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What is “Incorporation”?

Incorporation is essentially creating a business that is its own entity, separate from the business owner and vice versa, protecting the business from any liability of the owner.

There are several different types of corporations:

  1. C Corporations;
  2. S Corporations;
  3. Limited Liability Corporations (LLC); and
  4. Nonprofit organizations.

Out of the 4, LLCs are the best well-known as most common due to their unique structure that offers many benefits for the company and for the owner(s) of the company.

What are the Benefits of Creating a Corporation?

Like most things in the business world, corporations are all about money. Creating a corporation offers owners protection from any of the company's liabilities, like a company sued for wrongful termination.

They also make it easier for the owner to sell the company, pay a lower tax rate than their personal tax rate, more forgiving tax rate for any losses, and allows the owner to create stocks to raise capital.

Essentially, a corporation lets the business owner not be seen as a part of the business. The business becomes a separate “person” which takes responsibility for any liability and has a its own tax rate. This will allow the business owner to focus on growing the business and not be preoccupied with protecting their personal assets.

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Living in New York

Many have read so much about New York City and the amazing and enticing facts make people want to reside or establish business within the area. This city counts its astounding nightlife, magnificent tourist destinations, and history, as well as the exquisite food and awesome fashion as things that attract visitors and future residents.

Perennial tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Grand Central Station are visited by most people, both local and foreign. Not to be forgotten on the list of every tourist’s itinerary are Staten Island, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Museum of Modern Art, and the American Museum of Natural History.

As a city that is rich in cultural heritage and entertainment, guests are up to experience the greatest times of their lives. Fun and adventure always go hand in hand like in the case of Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. This place offers the best in picture-taking experience as it provides visitors an opportunity to have their photos taken alongside world-renown celebrities’ images done in wax.

Be exhilarated with New York’s Skyride which takes you to see some mesmerizing views. If you are the pious type, you can get a chance of visiting the Cathedral of St. John the Divine which is touted as the world’s largest and found within the city as well.

Several of the country’s leading universities are found in the city of New York. Cornell University, Columbia University, and New York University are the top three educational bastions within the area according to world ranking. These are followed by Yeshiva, The New School and the public City University of New York.

The top employers in New York City based on the number of employees are JPMorgan Chase & Co with 249,257 employees, ABM Industries, Citi, Pfizer, Philip Morris International, Carl Icahn, PwC, and the Omnicom Group.

The top 6 industries in New York City that drives the GDP growth are financial services, professional and technical services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing, as well as educational services.

Fashion and shopping centers occupies a huge portion of New Yorkers’ lifestyle. This is the fashion capital of the world and home to the best brands. The city is peppered with banks along Manhattan.

Many of the world’s biggest multinational law firms can be found in New York City due to the high demand of legal assistance and advices. These law firms have a remarkable roster of Ivy Leaguers, serving as among the excellent lot of attorneys in the U.S.

Famous people native to New York are celebrity performers Cyndi Lauper, Alicia Keys, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez. But there are a lot more luminous personalities such as President Donald J. Trump, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and actors Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise just to name a few.

With city bio such as this, it is most likely that every legal issue will never remain unsolved. And possibly, you wouldn’t want to remain outside of this great part of the U.S.

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