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What Is a Breach of Contract?

A contract is a legally-enforceable agreement that holds each party to the agreement responsible for fulfilling their end of the bargain. If one of the parties does not uphold their responsibilities that are outlined in the contract, the other party may be able to sue for breach of contract. In breaking the promise to perform part or all of the contract, the breaching party may face a variety of legal consequences.

What Happens if a Contract is Broken?

When a contract is broken, the parties to the contract may attempt to resolve it on their own. However, taking the matter to court is commonplace, and is often the only real solution to the problem. The court will take into consideration several factors pertaining to the case. If the court finds that the contract was valid, that there was a breach of the contract’s terms, and that the plaintiff was harmed as a result of the breach, it is likely that the court will attempt to provide some type of remedy to the plaintiff. Usually, this comes in the form of monetary damages that attempt to restore the injured party to where they were before the contract was formed.

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Business in Duluth

The city of Duluth has much to offer its residents, tourists, and businesses alike. In Duluth, you’ll find that businesses flourish. It has a wide range of industries, including both domestic and international businesses. Currently, Duluth hosts 150 international companies from different countries. Foreign investors can rest easy that business can thrive in the city of Duluth. Duluth is also well-suited for creative entrepreneurs, with a big community for theater, music, painting, and other performing arts. No matter your industry, you’ll find that there’s a wealth of business resources you can get in touch with that supports the development of the business community such as the Duluth Economic Development and the UGA Small Business Development Center.

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Living in Duluth

Duluth began as a trading post before it expanded with the aid of the railroad in the 19th century. Now it boasts of a rapidly growing economy for a robust population. Whether you are a tourist, a student, or a businessman at Duluth, you’ll find that living here gives you plenty of things to do and sights to see. There are a lot of activities that are suitable for both work and play. The Duluth City Hall is considered the hub of the city and can be found at the end of the scenic Town Green at Old Town Duluth. There are fun parks and recreational activities to choose from such as the Rogers Bridge Park and the Chattapoochee Dog Park. There’s also golfing activities at the TPC Sugarloaf, the Hooch Golf Club, The Georgia Trail, and St. Ives Golf Club. Entertainment and Shopping centers are also plentiful with the Southeastern Railway Museum, Hudgens Center for the Arts, along with several galleries and malls. In Duluth, you’ll find that you’ll never fall short of recreational activities to keep you entertained throughout the year.

The City of Duluth, Georgia is also known for its yearly events that draw in crowds by the hundreds. The most popular ones are the BubblePalooza, the Duluth Fall Festival, Duluth Tree Lighting, Barefoot in the Park-Art Festival, the Georgia Cup-Cycling Race, Fridays-N-Duluth, and Howl on the Green. Music and art events are common throughout the year and bring families out and about with the Summer Stage Concerts, Muddbugs & Music, Art Week, Duluth Spring Arts Festival, and even car shows.

Duluth is a growing suburb in Atlanta, Georgia with about 26,000 people. In spite of its relatively small, but growing population, if you find yourself in need of legal guidance, LegalMatch will direct you toward an experienced Duluth, Georgia lawyer who can help you get the answers you need.

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